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Your AI Copilot for Finance

Finpilot answers questions about companies from verifiable sources and financial documents - saving you hours every day
Analyze Companies Faster 

Find information you need without searching through hundreds of company documents.

Just ask questions.

Save Hours Every Day

Financial analysts spend hours finding information from SEC filings, transcripts and presentations.

Let AI do the work for you.

Focus On What Matters

Spend your time analyzing  information, not collecting it.

Let AI do the repetitive tasks.

You focus on decision making. 

Who are we

Financial Superpowers with AI

Just Ask Questions

Get direct answers to your questions. No more keyword hits or Ctrl + F.

Our AI finds the answers you need from all company related documents

Verified Sources

Answers always come from credible sources. You'll instantly know where the information came from, scored by how accurately it answers your questions.

Quickly Compare

Compare answers across companies or time periods. No manual searching for competitors. Analyze Q/Q, Y/Y trends with a single question.

Write Reports Faster

Our platform automatically plots data from the answers, and generates a summary. Simply copy and paste these into your reports.

How it works
Sell Side Analyst, Key Banc

"If I had this, I could have an 8 hour job"

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